About Us

    Censoring Thought is a forum for open, honest discussion on the
    meaning and boundaries of academic freedom and independent
    thought. It is meant to encourage intelligent discourse on recent
    developments in academia in the United States as well as to
    facilitate a richer understanding of the notion of what academic
    freedom means today. However, this forum is not limited to the
    university campus, as it will include discussion on freedom of
    expression outside academia as well.

    Censoring Thought will also serve as a locus for activism in
    defense of the right of individuals to voice their opinions without
    fear of reprisal from either the government, private organizations,
    or individuals.

    Our Commitment

    Censoring Thought is committed to a robust understanding of free
    thought, on campus and off. We are thus strenuously opposed to
    recent attempts by the United States government, private
    organizations, as well as individuals in the media and elsewhere
    to silence the free expression of ideas.

    Organizations such as Campus Watch, Students for Academic
    Freedom, and the David Project, among others, seek to impose a
    conservative ideology on dissenting voices by means of intimidation
    and harassment. Though they couch their ideologically-driven
    crusade in terms of academic freedom and diversity of opinion,
    their goals are anathema to such principles.  By encouraging
    students to report on their professors, by demonizing individuals
    who dare speak out against U.S. and Israeli government policy, and
    by using the language of patriotism to browbeat nonconforming
    voices, these McCarthyist movements are a threat to the intellectual
    health of a democratic society. They have sought to stifle debate
    on the key issues of our time by misinformation, threats, and racist
    appeals, attempting to achieve through lies and bullying what  they
    have been unable to secure through honest intellectual exchange.

    Such actions are unacceptable in any society. We are therefore
    committed to exposing the true nature and purposes of such groups
    in a defense of the right to independent thought and freedom of
    expression. And in so doing, we hope to provide a space for
    the development of a more robust understanding of the meaning
    of concepts such as academic freedom and freedom of expression,
    which today lie emptied of their meaning.

A forum for empowerment
"What is freedom of expression?
Without the freedom to offend, it
ceases to exist."
--Salman Rushdie



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