In Defense of Academic Freedom

    On April 4th, 2005, 24 Columbia University professors spoke out in
    defense of academic freedom. From such diverse disciplines as
    English, Philosophy, Anthropology, Film, Law, Middle Eastern and
    Asian Languages and Cultures, and others, the professors spoke for
    over three hours to an audience of over five hundred in Columbia's
    venerable Low Library.

    While the style and content of their discussions displayed considerable
    variation, the one resounding theme of the evening was that faculty,
    students, and most of all the administration must make a more vigorous
    defense of academic freedom in the future.  And many made clear their
    strong support of Joseph Massad, criticizing recent attacks on him by
    politically-motivated elements both within and without the university

    Here, you can read some of their statements. Check back for more.

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