Thank you for your appreciated and welcomed support for the Los
    Angeles Eight case (LA8).

    The LA8 deportation hearing starts next week, 7/13-7/22.
    Thousands of immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries have been
    harassed, intimidated, secretly incarcerated or deported in recent year,
    as part of the Bush administration's ongoing campaign to curtail civil
    liberties and immigrant rights while silencing dissent.

    Michel Shehadeh and Khader Hamide were first arrested along with six
    other Palestinians and a Kenyan in 1987. They were held for 23 days in
    maximum-security cells, charged with "aiding terrorism." The basis of this
    charge was that they distributed magazines and fundraised for
    Palestinian social needs.

    Former FBI Director William Webster testified to Congress that after an
    extensive three-year FBI investigation the Los Angeles 8 "have not been
    found to have engaged them selves in terrorist activity." Webster
    testified that, "If these individuals had been U.S. citizens there would not
    have been a basis for their arrest."

    And yet today, 18 years later and counting, the government is still
    pursuing the case against Shehadeh and Hamide despite failing to
    present not a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing on the respondents

    The ramification of the case is broad especially, against immigrants, and
    ultimately against everyone's freedoms.   This administration claims that
    the constitutionally protected activities of the LA 8 are retroactively
    illegal under the USA Patriot Act.  As Michel Shehadeh states, the
    government always picks the most vulnerable first in order to pursue
    dissent in general. Thus it is necessary to rally to the cause of Michel
    Shehadeh and Khader Hamide--an attack on them is an attack on free
    speech  and is an attack on all.

    The LA times has recently published two in depth articles on the LA 8 as
    government hearings are set to begin later this month.,0,7631280,

        WHAT YOU CAN DO!

       1.      Bring yourself, friends, family, and everyone you can to attend
    the hearings 7-13-05 through 7-22-05 at 606 South Olive St. Los
    Angeles, Ca 90014. IJ Einhorn's Court.

       2.     Forward this email or send your own about the case and
    upcoming hearing and send to all contacts on your list.

       3.      For donations please write the checks to International Humanity
    Center (or just IHC)/Committee 4 justice (or just C4J), and send it to the
    below address. Or, write it to the IHC and put in the memo C4J. Please
    don't write anything else on the check. Each donor will receive a tax
    exempt receipt by mail. You can donate online at www.committee4justice.

    Please send your checks to the following address:

    International Humanity Center
    PO Box 923
    Malibu  90265
    Thank you,

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