Los Angeles Eight Hearing Postponed,
    Fundraiser Still On

    Please distribute widely:

    In this update:
    1- Cancellation of hearings.
    2- Emergency fundraiser still on.

    1) Immigration Judge Einhorn issued an order yesterday postponing
    the hearings in the LA 8 case.  We are awaiting a written decision
    from the Judge explaining both the basis for this order and if, and
    when further hearings will be held. we will keep you up to date on all
    further developments.  Regardless of what the Judge decides, the
    fight for justice in the LA 8 case will continue in full force.  We thank
    you for your continued support and solidarity with the LA 8.

    For more information about the LA8 case please visit


    2) The emergency fundraiser is still taking place on Monday 7/11
    @ 7:30. We urge you to attend and support the fundraiser. For more
    details please see below:

    Emergency Fundraising Event
    To Benefit the "LA8" Case

    Please join us for an evening of friendship and support.  Help us
    raise some money to help offset some of the legal expenses of the
    upcoming trial.

    Where:        Wahib's Middle Eastern Restaurant
    Address:     910 E. Main Street, Alhambra, Ca. 91801,
    Telephone: (626) 281-1006

    Date:            Monday, July the 11th, 2005
    Time:            7:30 p.m.
    Cost:            Minimum $ 100.00 Donation

    If you cannot attend but would like to help, please send your tax
    deductible donations to:

    International Humanity Center (IHC)
    P.O.Box 923
    Malibu, Ca. 90265

    Please write checks to:
    IHC/C4J or to IHC and put C4J (committee for justice) in the memo

    To RSVP please contact:
    Mary Harb at (949) 369-6510
    Samera Sood at (949) 584-6433
    Lily Karam (562) 243-0392

    Please reserve ASAP as space is limited. Thanks you


    To donate please write the checks to International Humanity Center
    (or just IHC)/Committee 4 justice (or just C4J), and send it to the below

    Or, write it to the IHC and put in the memo C4J.
    Please don't write anything else on the check.
    Each donor will receive a tax exempt receipt by mail. You can donate
    online at www.committee4justice.com.

    Please send your checks to the following address:

    International Humanity Center
    PO Box 923
    Malibu  90265
    Thank you,

    Contact us:

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